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Ash & Elm Cider Co – There are lots of places around town that I head to regularly for my crafty imbibing–but one that really stands out among the crowd is Ash & Elm. They have long been a favorite, and we pony up to the bar every first Saturday of the month for Small Batch Cider Day–a MUST for any craft brewster. So we were thrilled–no, ecstatic–when we heard they were releasing cans of the stuff! You bet we added another Ash & Elm trip to our calendar for the release event, as well as an entire flat of Dry cans to our fridge.

Ash & Elm Cider Co
Ash & Elm Cider Co

This crisp–and yes, dry–cider is perfect on its own, but I’ve also been drinking it with dinner instead of beer quite often too, and I really haven’t found much it hasn’t paired well with. It’s well-rounded and suits many palates. My husband and I vary drastically in tastes, and this hits us right down the middle of our spectrum–we both love it!

A tip for you:  Mix Dry half and half with Sunset Tart Cherry, which you’ll find in its own salmon-colored can, and you’ll get a kind of rosé mashup. Sometimes ST Cherry can be a little overpowering, but the Dry balances it out like Goldilocks–juuuuuuuuuust right!

Ash & Elm has one more of their flagships out in cans–the Semi-Sweet. I haven’t brought this one home yet, but I’ve had it on location and those with a sweet tooth will love it. Definitely sweeter than Dry, but just as well-blended as everything else A&E puts out.

Right now, you can find these nondescript cans in two places:  Ash & Elm’s Washington St. taproom and Crown Liquors. If you’re new to A&E, I highly recommend heading down to their brick and wood bar and grabbing a flight. Make sure to keep an eye out for their special releases every first Saturday of the month, because they are all truly special.

Ash And Elm Cider Company
Ash And Elm Cider Company

Ash & Elm Cider Co.

2104 East Washington St

Indianapolis IN 46201



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