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You know brewing, we know marketing. Let the Indy Craft Brew Team get more people in your doors, sell more tickets, get attention to your brand and create new customers for life so that you can get back to doing what you do best - Making Awesome Beer!

Popular Services

Brand Awareness - Our content marketing through our Social Media platforms has seen tremendous results for companies we've worked with. Some call it Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing - Our team just gets results being unique and having fun. Our audience is your core audience.

Events - Marketing your own event or creating a new one; We can help sell more tickets to a current event or help create/organize/market a new one. Indy Craft Brew does it all!

Video Marketing - Creating High Quality videos for your brewery, taproom, bar/restaurant, event. These videos can be used over and over again, Highlighting your business. Videos get more action than photos-- More Engagements on social media, etc.

Indy Craft Brew App - Advertise on the App and add your event!

Lets Hang Out! - We would love to hear about your brewery! Tell us what your trying to accomplish and more than likely Indy Craft Brew can help.

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