Big Woods Speedway Indiana Breweries with Food Quaff! On Brewing Company

Big Woods Speedway Indiana Review

Big Woods Speedway Indiana Review

Big Woods Speedway Indiana same owners of Quaff! On Brewing and Hard Truth Distillery. We have made several stops at the Nashville Indiana spot but this was our first trip here. We all know the beer is good but what about the food?

Big Woods Restaurant Food Review – All 4 of us ordered something different. Crispy Pork Belly, Big Woods Brew Burger, B-Town JB Burger and Smoked Duck. Three of us ordered Truffle Pub Fries. Our trip here was on 3/3/18.

4 People. 4 Different Orders. All 4 Give 5 Stars. The Food is Great. Considering they are known for Pizza (We saw the majority of tables with pizza)

This one you just have to read what it is and on it; B-TOWN JB BURGER –¬†Winner of the James Beard national blended burger contest
Seven-ounce beef short rib, brisket and chuck patty blended with crimini and porcini mushrooms, green chiles, pimentos, triple cream brie, demi-glacé, mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion jam on a brioche roll.

Quaff! On Brewing Company supplies the brew and never disappointing.

Quaff! On Brewing Busted Knuckle Porter

The reviews on Yelp are very mixed, But we had great service, great food and brew. Atmosphere and aesthetics of the place are one of a kind.


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