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Books And Brews 4th Anniversary | Written by Haley Mills

Books & Brews 4th Anniversary

It’s hard to believe this weekend marks the 4th year anniversary for Books & Brews Mothership. I’ll never forget the excitement I felt when I read that first article about this new place opening up right across the street from my office–a brewery AND book store? How much better can you get? My husband and I were there the very first week, drinking flights next to an older gentleman who toured the US with a big book of taproom cards and stickers he had collected. Who knew I would be that guy a few years later?

Indy Craft Brew Books and Brews
Books & Brews Indianapolis

Books & Brews is a place for people without a place. Sure, you can bring in your laptop and work, or fidget on your phone. Lord knows I’ve done it myself. (How do you think I took these pictures?) But the real tone of the joint is conversation. Book clubs, meet ups, game nights. It’s not a huge space, but the tables are plentiful–and handmade too! And if you don’t know anyone, grab a chair at the bar and keep your phone in your pocket. I guarantee that will change.


A great many people who come in here are regulars. You can buy a Mug Club membership for life at $70, and it’s a popular option. Once you start coming to Mothership (or your local B&B), you’ll keep coming back, and soon you’ll be one of the many familiar faces around the bar. I have a standing Thursday night “date” with my friends and it’s a ready relief from the regular grind, something I look forward to all week. Thursdays are not only Open Mic Night, but $3 mug fills for club members so it’s a good night to be here.

As you would expect, there’s a book themed menu, right down to the tap handles on the wall. My go-to dinner is the Wilbur–a flatbread pizza with white sauce and pulled pork. It’s salty and garlicky, and goes perfect with just about every brew they have on draft. Tonight’s beer was Kanga Broo, a deep, flavorful brown ale that was delightfully sweet and malty. I’m also partial to Mrs. Havisham’s Porridge, which is one of my favorite bitters in town. That’s one I get almost every week. Hop’s Cradle is apparently on today, which I didn’t see until I got home and looked at their Facebook–and now I’m bummed because I LOOOOOVE Hop’s Cradle. The first time I had it, they were pouring it on Nitro, and it was the first IPA I’d ever had that way and I was just BLOWN away.


A short aside, but when my husband and I were getting ready to move to Dallas, Jason–who owns Mothership–told us he was going to start bottling some of his stuff. When we came back to Indiana the first time, we bought as much as we could get to take back to Texas with us, and I HOARDED that stuff. It lasted me the two years until we moved to Illinois (at least close enough where we could get more!).

Books and Brews Indy Craft Brew
Books & Brews

Books & Brews was my place back then, and it still is now. Every time I see a new announcement about how much it is growing, I can barely contain my excitement for them. It started as such a small hideaway behind Home Depot in Castleton, and now there’s going to be one in Cincy and Denver? How cool is that?! Even with the expansion though, you really feel at home here. If you’re looking for a place to hang, Books & Brews is a good one. Happy 4th anniversary!

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Books & Brews Mothership

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