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Daredevil Hall

Daredevil Hall, the newest Indianapolis taproom brought to you by Daredevil Brewing Company officially opens to the public on January 31st, 2019. The location is perfect at the corner of 86th Street and Keystone Avenue, tucked inside of the iron and brick themed Ironworks Hotel. This taproom is a break from the norm for Daredevil. Unlike their flagship location in Speedway, this location is a full blown restaurant. It’s family friendly and adult friendly all in one. There will be a full, american style menu (the Juicy Brewcy Burger is fantastic!) as well as all of their usual brews, including the specials! If you’re up to try something different, there will be a pretty stacked guest tap list as well as wine and ciders available. The wine list, I’ve been told, is different from any other restaurant in the area too!

Walking into the building, you’re greeted with a gray scale mural of kegs and barrels. Presumably taken at Daredevil’s brewing facility. It’s a nice touch. After chatting with the hosts and arranging your seating, you’re guided down a row of tables, picnic bench style seating down the center of the room, table and bench split seating along the wall to the right.

The outside is brought inside with an industrial theme throughout, like many new taprooms these days. They spiced up the timeless theme with ring lights, illuminating the ceiling. The Hall’s name is deliberate. Daredevil is attempting, and succeeding at, creating this ‘beer hall’ atmosphere like most breweries in Munich. Exposed brick in the back of the hall presents a nice pop of color, contrasting the white walls.

If you decided to take a seat at the bar, your journey is a little different. You’ll quickly make a left at the aforementioned host stand. As you’re walking along the front of the taproom now, you’ll notice a wall of garage doors – I’ve been told they will lead to an open patio in the summertime. Along the right side of the space is a long and expansive bar top, polished to a brilliant sheen.

Behind the bar is a truly familiar sight. That gorgeous red helmet again, flanked by two sets of bar taps, very reminiscent of the flagship location. A really nice touch that ties the two spots together.

As my visit came to a close, I walked out thinking about when the soonest I could come back with the family. I really enjoyed the visit. The atmosphere is on point, the food is incredible, the wait staff is friendly and the drink choices are on point.

Daredevil Hall opens January 31st. Based on my own, very brief experience, I can officially say that this taproom is more than ready for Lift Off.

Thank you to the Daredevil crew for having me in. Cari and Lori, I appreciate the conversations and the insight into the new space. Shane, thank you for the invite. I truly appreciate the experience.


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