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Growing the Community

Growing the Community

Indy Craft Brew has experienced Huge growth since our inception in February 2018. We have been fortunate to have many people contribute and have given back as much as we can. The Indiana Craft Beer community is truly one of kind.

We want to say “Thank you” to everyone who has helped out. Starting a business based on Craft Beer social media and community was tough! Being told you guys are crazy happened a lot!

Then and Now.

We teamed up with Indiana On Tap to offer the Popular Tasting Society yearly membership at a discount, Exclusive to Indy Craft Brew members. $59.00 Regular – Use IndyBrew30 Coupon code Get it for $30 for the year.

Purchase your Membership Here Indiana On Tap Tasting Society

Indy Craft Brew has distributed over 500 shirts and bracelets to proud Indiana Beer fans.

Glassware is coming soon!!!! I know everyone is eager, Believe us….. We are too.

We have some really cool stuff coming soon, Including a series called “Meet the Brewer”

If you want to contribute in any way please email us

We are currently Sold Out of tee shirts with exception of XL (We have a bunch)

Special Pricing for Remaining XL tees $15.00 + Free Shipping – Buy one for a Beer Friend!

Buy a Indy Craft Brew Bracelet Here


Thanks again for all the Support!Special Thanks to the Following people for going above and Beyond!

Jake Seward  – Follow his Instagram Account @beerinthe19th

The Guys at Moski Homebrew – YouTube Channel Subscribe! Instagram Account @moskihomebrew

Craftroads Beverage – Thanks Taylor! Follow on Instagram

Huge Contributors: Katie Lawton and Meg Uselton

Indy Craft Brew Q&A Guy – Jeff Bonneau. Jeff basically is a beer encyclopedia. He brews, He Drinks and He is just a great all around guy! We are lucky to have him behind the scenes.

Haley Mills at Taps And Tomes – Supplied us with some great blog posts and reviews! We couldn’t afford her talents anymore but she is will always be recognized for her work here at Indy Craft Brew.

Mick Beer – Follow his bad ass Instagram Account. Mick helped supply us with tons of content when we first launched this company. His helpfulness, knowledge and of coarse his beautiful beer pics will always be acknowledged.

There are hundreds of other people who have helped, Sorry I can’t mention you all!

Indy Craft Brew – All about Indiana Craft Beer and the Breweries that create them.

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