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Hoosier Brewing Company

I got a chance to swing by the location for the future home of Hoosier Brewing Co last Friday and talk to Brian the Founder and Mike the President of HBC. There are big plans for the future and these two guys have a vision. Located just a few paces away from the corner of West Main St & S Madison Ave in Greenwood, which means it is only a couple stop lights away from I65 (read easy to find)

Hoosier Brew Co. Corn Maze Cream Ale

It is going to be a new era of Hoosier Beer! Special small batch releases of Big Juicy Hazy IPAs, & Super Fruited Sours are the main plan. A couple old standbys will return along with some interesting takes on classic styles, Corn Cream Ale anyone? (I actually really liked this one and called it my perfect “Tailgate Beer”) so there should be stuff for the casual craft beer fan also.

Mike Rincker – President Hoosier Brew Co.- Explaining the Plan

Brian plans on putting as much, and as many, different hops as he can into his Hazy IPAs to keep the thirsty line of fans he hopes to have, coming back on a regular basis! Fruited sours! Everyone loves these fruited sours that are being produced today all over the country, but people are a little hesitant about them being a little “unsafe.” Well, Brian has a plan to make these fruited sour beers safe, so they survive any travel the consumer might put them through.

The Future Kitchen with Pizza Oven

With plans to add a direct fire still right in the front of the brew house, which is going to be visible from the outside & the taproom, combined with the axe throwing room on the other side, this is going to be a hard place to pass by and not stop to a visit!

The In-Progress View of the Brew House

Axe Throwing and beer, sounds safe right? Totally got that covered! Certified Axe Throwing Coach on site and after your third beer, you’re cut off! From axe throwing, that is, you can still drink some more beer!

The Future Home of Axe Throwing

Can’t wait until this summer to start trying out these new beers? You’re in luck because HBC plans on having small runs of beer releases out of the taproom while it is going through it’s Top to Bottom renovation! To find out how much beer and what time just follow them (and us because we’ll be shouting out too!) on their Instagram page!


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