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MashCraft Brewing Fishers Indiana

MashCraft Brewing Fishers Indiana

If you live in Fishers, there’s a few places you have to get beer. One of those places is Mashcraft, which just took over the old Heady Hollow location at 116th and Allisonville. Mashcraft, originally out of Greenwood, is a natural fit for Fishers now that they have revamped the previously dark space. It’s an industriously designed open U-Bar, with plenty of tables for socializing. The bartenders are some of the friendliest in town, so if you’re looking for a “place,” here’s one you can come back to and feel at home.


Can we talk about bologna for a second? It’s a pretty polarizing subject, I know. You either love it, or you love it. Go to Mashcraft, and you’re going to LOVE-IT. I have never had a bologna sandwich like this before. Fried meat, runny egg, on rich bread, with sharp mustard to cut all that fat. Add in some fresh kettle chips and house made pickles. This is beer-met food to drink for. And they have the beers to match it too.


Mashcraft is known for two extremes:  Java-blended, well, anything; and their juicy IPAs. I tend to leave the coffee beers to my husband, but he has loved every one he has tasted. They aren’t just mixing coffee with stouts, either–they have a Java Red and a Rye, even a Java Spiced Pilsner!

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My favorites, though, are their IPAs. Mashcraft’s IPAs aren’t the mega hoppy ones you normally find–instead they are full of juice. Last Light and Squeeze the Juice are the fruitiest Pale Ales you’ll ever taste! Sure, they have the hops on the back end–they are IPAs after all–but they are both so full of flavor that you’ll find yourself with an empty glass before you even realize you’ve taken the first sip! Last Light is always my go-to, and I can’t visit Mastercraft without one.


On my last trip, I tried two new beers:  Růže and  Mickey G’s. I’m not much of a smoked beer fan, but it’s too unique a style to miss. Růže manages to hang on to the malt even past the campfire, which is hard to do. Most of the time, smoke is a palate killer. This one is much more complex, and so I can’t immediately dismiss it! I’m still not going to drink more than a taster, but, I’ll give it 3 stars on Untappd for the style.


Mickey G’s was a solid Imperial IPA. It was a good sit and talker. Didn’t go down too fast, and had a great depth it. You’ll definitely want food with this brew, but I’ll order this one again.


Mashcraft is a place I’ll come again and again, and honestly, if it wasn’t all the way across Fishers from me–I’d be there every week. The bar feels like home to me, and the beer is exactly what I’m looking for. Mix in that sandwich and some A+ barhops and I have my Cheers.


Maybe I shouldn’t give my secret out. Someone save me the corner seat at the bar!


Mashcraft Fishers

11069 Allisonville Rd

Fishers, IN 46038


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