Triton Brewing Company
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Meet The Brewery | Episode 2 at Triton Brewing Company

Triton Brewing Company
Triton Brewing Company

Meet The Brewery | Episode 2 at Triton Brewing Company

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Triton Brewing Company – 5764 Wheeler Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46216





About Triton Brewing Company (Source Website)

Drinking the same beer every time is like eating nothing but macaroni and cheese – mac and cheese is great, but only kids want to eat the same food every meal. Eventually a person’s tastes grow up, and they start to pay attention to other flavors, to other recipes, and they start to notice the difference between food that’s just the same old food, and meals cooked on purpose, with different subtleties, ingredients, and back stories.

Triton brews several different kinds of beer, and we hope our beers will become your favorites. But we don’t want you to only drink one of our beer styles, or to only drink Triton, for that matter. We want you to be a beer lover – someone who pays attention to nuanced flavors, who appreciates a great recipe, and who can tell a good story about the beers you love.

100% of Triton Brewing Company’s spent grain goes to local farms to be used as feed for cattle and poultry!

Hosted By Jake Seward

Produced by Moski Homebrew

Audio by Barrel Chat


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