Moontown Brewing Company
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Moontown Brewery, THE place to go in Whitestown Indiana

Moontown Brewing Company

I recently had the pleasure of stopping in at Moontown Brewing in Whitestown Indiana. Wow was I surprised!

Moontown is way off the beaten path. Located at 345 S Bowers St, Whitestown, IN 46075, it is a whopping 10 miles from it’s nearest craft beer brewery- Deviate Brewing.
Moontown opened it’s doors nearly a year ago now, March 15th 2018 during March Madness. They opened to such critical acclaim, they sold out of all their beer THAT WEEKEND!

Frantic to keep the doors open and patrons visiting, Bobby Mattingly and Cody Peckowski got to work brewing their liquid gold, all over again.

Flash forward nearly one year and the doors are still open! They’ve got their core beers established: King of Troy, Hef-Czkowski, Cecil and Into the Void.


The Beers

I can attest, all of their core beers are great. I walked in expecting a 4 glass taster and was surprised when they had an option to taste them all! So I went for it!

The King of Troy is a fantastic lager. Bobby told me a little about it while I was there. It’s the split between a Helles and a Pilsner. It’s the color of a pilsner but the flavor and heft of a lager. It’s pretty damn good.

Moontown Brewing Company
Moontown Brewing Company

Hef-Czkowski is the hefeweizen you know and love. I’ve had many of these from Bier Brewery. Moontown’s is on point. I REALLY get that banana flavor. I really dig hef’s. The beer’s name is also pretty interesting, if you paid attention. The head brewers last name is Paczkowski. The beer is called Hef-czkowski. Get it? (it’s named after the head brewer!)

Cecil is Moontown’s answer to every brewery’s need for an India Pale Ale. It’s juicy and smooth and it’s medium mouthfeel gives you something to enjoy for a minute before you down the hatch and go for another drink. It’s also bitter, as IPAs SHOULD BE! It’s not overly so. Just the right amount of noticeable bitterness to stay true to form. Bobby and Cody have taken a liking to the #hazecraze that’s dominated craft brewing and it shows in Cecil. Now, where’s my orange-juice-like beer that only sings to my tastebuds?

Last and not least (one of my faves here) is Into the Void. This beer is a robust porter and MAN does it hit those notes oh-so-well. Its chocolate-y and on the thicker side. It’s something that I could easily keep drinking during these cold months in Indiana. Luckily for me, it’s always on tap.

The brewery had several other beers available to us, 8 in total to be exact. I’ll say I enjoyed them all. Even the ones that I don’t typically go for when I’m out and about.

Here are some of the other beers as part of their tasting experience when I was there.

The Taster tray came with tasting notes!

The Space

The venue was in this old school building. I knew it before I walked in because they still had the original cement engraving of the school exposed. “Whitestown High and Grade School” greeted me as I walked across the front of the building towards the entrance. I quickly learned about why that sign was there, when I sat down and looked at the menu.

“Whitestown High and Grade School” across the front of the building, greets visitors

If you flip over the tap list you’re greeted with the story of Moontown. It’s an incredibly interesting one and one that should be experienced within the walls of the facility. I’ll post a picture of it below for those interested.

The history of Moontown, located on the back of the food menu

The rest of the décor was a mix of old world brick and industry. Beams and wood were present everywhere. I thought it looked very cool.

Shot of the large space inside of the brewery. To the left, the brewing equipment can be seen through glass walls

The Food

The food was fantastic. I was there for lunch so the menu was smaller but the dinner menu is huge with options for everyone. I had the Cubano (a favorite meal of mine) so I recommend that. My friend had the brisket sandwich and he said he loved it. So get either, or both, or something else. I’m sure everything is really good!

The Experience

The people at Moontown were great. Their bartenders were passionate about the facility and knew about the beers and the history of the facility. They knew what beers to suggest and who to talk to if you wanted to know more about the brewery. I recommend them for sure.

The End

This short, but fantastic, visit to a local spot in small-town Indiana was one I’ll continue to remember.  Look for new beer releases in the coming weeks from this brewery. Word has it, a Russian imperial stout and a Belgian quad are coming up the weekend of January 25th. (The RIS is amazing, I had a taste. WOW)

Thank you to Moontown for the fantastic experience. I appreciate your hospitality and your beers. I’ll be back!



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