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OCA SKB | OCA Means Goose Inside Sun King Brewery

OCA SKB | OCA Means Goose Inside Sun King Brewery

We Love Sun King So we thought we would share these awesome reviews of OCA!

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We stopped by Sun King and thought we would check out the new Oca restaurant/shop inside. Oca, meaning “Goose”, is a spin-off for Goose the Market that opened inside the public area of the brewery. Although they hadn’t “officially” announced they were open, I heard that they were open in the evenings and working through a soft opening process. So glad we stopped by!

My wife and I both tried one of the bundled French Bread sandwiches. Tonight’s featured City Ham and Gruyere with Dijon mustard, tarragon, and mini sweet pickles (cornichons). I placed our order at the counter, paid, and gave my name. They asked if I wanted the sandwiches toasted (yes!) and that allowed me time to pick up a couple drafts at the Sun King counter. As soon as I was making my way back to our table, the Oca staff called out my name and I was good to go.

I loved the crispy crunch of the bread and the toasting brought out the flavors of the ham and cheese. Excellent pairing for the spices too. Can’t wait to come back to try some of the sausages and charcuterie.


I made it back one evening and decided to try the Choucrote Garnie which may as well translate to “meat lover’s dream!”  Actually, it’s a “traditional dish of France’s Alsace region bordering Germany” and the Choucrote is fermented cabbage while the Garnie means it is dressed with Riesling (white wine), herbs, potatoes, and charcuterie.

This huge option is brought out in a roasting pan.  My eyes started to glaze over at all the meats.  In the center was a large peppery Knack(wurst) nestled over a large serving of the Choucrote.  To the left was a thick (a full inch) smoked rib chop that was the most tender pork chop I’ve had.  In the upper left corner were two Nuremberg sausage (technically much larger at about 5 inches instead of the 9 cm traditional).  The Nuremberg have a thicker casing and more in the Bratwurst family.  To the right of the Knack were a couple slices of Pancetta that looked like American bacon, but have a higher salt content.  Just below that, there were two Strasbourg frankfurters.  Oh, and there were two potatoes that were halved and roasted.

The Choucrote itself was a great surprise at how much I enjoyed it.  My mother used to make a really nasty version of sauerkraut and dressed it with white vinegar.  I hated it!  But here, the pungent odor of vinegar is replaced by the pleasing notes of the Riesling.  The sour of the dish is tempered as well, so the overall taste is quite pleasing, especially since it is warm and served thoroughly tender. (I am not a fan of the sometimes rubbery and tough texture of raw cabbage.)

The portion size suggests it is for two to four people.  They mean it on this dish!  I made really great headway on devouring the dish, but common sense struck me before I was stuffed and decided to get a to go box.  Not for the picky eater, this is a dish that goes great with a dark beer (I went with the Sun King “Stuck in the Middle” Milk Stout option. Yum!)

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As if I didn’t have enough reasons to stop by Sun King already, now I can get great quality sandwiches while there. Note that Oca sells packaged meats to take home if you stop by to fill your growler.

Tech stuff: They are open generally the same hours as the brewery.  Parking is free in the Sun King lot. You do need to bring your I.D. since everyone entering the premises must by 21 and over. A number of platters are meant for 2 to 4 people, so bring friends!

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