Marketing Your Business

3 Facebook Posts – Scheduled well designed Post. If you already have a post or want to build your own, We Can do that too. Links can be Added.

2 Instagram Posts – Scheduled Posts. Submit your photo and post. Or we can do it for you.

3-5 Twitter Posts – Scheduled Post/Tweets Including Links.

If we are marketing an Event or Release, The event will be added to the Facebook Page Events Section.


Additional Info.

Marketing a Ticketed Event

Adding Your Event to our Facebook Page is Included.

Indy Craft Brew LLC ticket sales with partnership with On Tap Tickets.

We can create your event and market to a well targeted audience.

Free Ticket Network Marketing is Included when you choose to use this (our recommended platform)

Ticket fees can be confusing. That’s why we’ve made our fees inexpensive and in-line with other major ticketing sites. (In fact, we’re cheaper than most). We’ve also combined the technology processing fee with the credit card processing fee for 1 simple, easy-to-understand fee for each ticket you sell at checkout. Avoid paying ANY ticketing fees by passing this single fee onto the ticket buyer, which is industry-standard for most events. When you set your ticket price, you keep the ENTIRE amount.

​For example, if you create a ticket for the price of $20, the total cost for the ticket will be just $23.47. (The extra $3.47 includes BOTH the technology processing fee and the credit card processing fee). When you sell a ticket and pass that single fee onto the ticket buyer, you earn and keep $20 from that ticket sale.

For Tickets Less than $40
2.5% + $1.99 / paid ticket*
For Tickets $40 or More
3.5% + $1.99 / paid ticket*
For Free Tickets
No fees whatsoever. Free is free!
*Standard payment processing fees from Stripe automatically apply to all paid tickets. As mentioned above, when you set a price for your ticket when creating your event, you will then see exactly what the total ‘buyer price’ is with BOTH processing fees included. You will see this before you choose to put any tickets on sale. We make it simple. We make it clear!

Marketing Your Event.

If you would like for us to do on going promotion above and beyond the included free marketing package, That’s great we can help!