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Redemption Alewerks

On a busy road, nestled inside of a good looking strip of stores near Fishers Indiana, resides a 5 year old craft brewery by the name of Redemption Alewerks. Opened in 2014, Redemption has been quietly churning out solid Indiana craft beers ever since. The family-friendly restaurant makes some great food and they have plenty of drink styles for everyone. One of their beers, a Berliner Weisse, is now completely customizable with the option to add several different fruited syrups to the beverage. I may have went a little crazy with it.

The Decor

Before I get to the beer, I’ll explain a little bit of the decor. At first glance, it immediately reminds me of TinMan Kokomo. The tables and chairs are a mix of steel and wood and the couches and hodgepodge of table sizes provide a comfortable feel.

The ceilings are black but they have malt bags hanging as decor. They’re a nice reminder that this is a craft brewery and most of your options are brewed on site. Not that you couldn’t tell that when you walked in the door. When you walk in, you’re greeted by 4 barrels, aging some beer for the future. They sit silently in front of the brew house where a half wooden wall/half cage separates the brewing side from the eating side.

You can see that Redemption rocks a 5 BBL brewing set up. That means those 8-9 beers on tap are cranking through this system. Their brewer, Troy (Full disclosure, I was told his name by the bartender. I don’t know if there’s help.), stays busy brewing so many different styles but each and every one is good.

Walking past the brew house and into the family-friendly area, you get a clear shot of the horseshoe shaped bar. The counter top is concrete and while sitting at it, you’re given a clear shot at the stack of mugs for the Redemption Mug Club Members. The $99/lifetime deal is one that sounds great as long as you live close by. I’ll post the benefits below.

The Beer

Finally, the beer! The beer is great. When I was there, there were 9 in-house beers on tap. Those beers ranged in style but were so good. I got a flight, which included 6 beers for $14.

All of them were good, but the one that stood out to me and would keep me coming back would be the Berliner Weisse. That beer was fantastic on its own AND with the “pour-your-own-syrup” flavoring. You get several fruit choices with the beer and you can make it as fruity as you want. I poured about 1/4 of my raspberry syrup cup into the beer and it was incredible. I highly recommend you do the same. Then get another beer and pour the syrup into it! I added fruit to the new Margarita Gose and the Hefeweizen. They were good on their own, but cranked up with the fruit. I really like that option.

Beyond the berliner, I tried the Rhapsody Pilsner, Ghost City Vibes IPA, Dreamsicle Cream Ale, Salvation Hef and Margarita Gose. Each beer was great in its own right. Anyone can find SOMETHING here that they’ll enjoy. If you don’t like a beer, try adding the fruit syrup to it for $0.50/cup. It’s worth it.

The Food

The menu, from my perspective, is perfect. There are options for many people but it isn’t so large that you’re staring at it forever or too small where you have no idea what to sacrifice to get. I chose the Buffalo Chicken Feta Sandwich and loved it. I suggest you ask for a ranch cup to dip into, if you’re into that sort of thing (I am). Their full menu can be found here. I’ve heard great things about their tacos and their wings!


I’m a little sad it’s taken me so long to find this place. 96th Street, off of I-69 is a major road. It’s highly accessible and has some fantastic things to offer. I encourage you, on your lunch or night off to go check this place out. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth it.



Redemption Alwerks

7035 E 96th St K, Indianapolis, IN 46250

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