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Round Town Brewery

Sometimes the right people can make the beer experience, and that is exactly what happened for us with Round Town Brewery.

Round Town Brewing, Indianapolis IN

My husband and I ran into the Round Town guys about midway through the Kahn’s 360 tasting recently. We were starting to hit a bit of drink fatigue, and I was really feeling the crowd. Was I going to stop, though? OF COURSE NOT. It’s all in the name of research.

Thank goodness we pressed on, for science, because not only did we find great beer in store for us, we found great people. While tasting, I mentioned that their lager reminded me a LOT of Rahr Brewing in Fort Worth, Texas–a place we used to frequent often while living in Dallas. He not only knew of Rahr their beer and history, but also another one of our favorite Dallas haunts. We ended up stealing quite a bit of their time gabbing about all our favorite Texas breweries…and drinking their beer, of course.

Flash forward to this weekend, when all of the craft brew world was at Death and Taxes Day (sigh, maybe next year for me)–I was looking for somewhere I could grab a flight. That lager chat had hung in my memory like a Christmas stocking, so I suggested to my husband that we drive down to Round Town. They are “round” the bend of 70 past the imposing Lucas Oil Stadium in the Biltwell Event Center–in what used to be the Biltwell Mill Work building.

Because I knew Round Town was at both Taxman and Muncie Brewfest Saturday, I knew the guys I had talked to at Kahn’s most likely wouldn’t be there to talk Texas beer with again, but the woman behind the bar was every bit as engaging. We quoted the Step Brother gif more than once because we had so much in common–and that makes for a good Saturday afternoon.

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People make the beer experience magical, but there is no magical beer experience without good beer. Round Town is putting out simple, clean brews, but everything they have is exceptionally executed.

We started with a flight of 3 ales: Valley Golden Ale, Happy Face Pale Ale, and the KISS (Keep It Simcoe Stupid) IPA that I had sampled at Kahn’s. My husband liked the Valley, but it was not my favorite of the three. I found it a little too watery, even for a lighter bodied Golden and there was barely any flavor up front. ALL the hops were at the back. This was only 19 IBU but I found it way more hoppy and bitter than expected. It was really the only beer they had that I didn’t much care for.

Thankfully, Happy Face was next, and it did exactly what its name suggests. I was smiling after I sipped this much fuller bodied Pale. It was hoppy, but as you know I prefer, also had the malts to carry that bitterness through. This was my second favorite beer of the day, and one I would totally grab a growler of for a party.

KISS is one of Round Town’s two canned beers, and it’s…as many would say…crushable. It’s clean and fresh–an IPA in its purest form. If you like hops, add this one to your repertoire. KISS is the kind of IPA you can serve at a party and just about every hopdrinker is going to appreciate it.

Flight of Three: Valley, Happy Face, KISS

Hubs ordered the 98 Stout, poured from a Colts helmet tap–so we are assuming it is named for Robert Mathis (the text on the board was in Colts font too). Just like Round Town’s other beers, this is a stout in its purest form–no pastry stout here–just slightly bitter, definitely heavy and malty. It was really good, and nice to see a brewery get back to the roots of a style that has gone so far from them.

Usually, after a flight, I order a pint of my favorite out of the line up. However, there was only one brew I wanted at the end, and that was the Round Town Lager. I love this beer. It’s malty and smooth, full-bodied, with a certain roundess to it that makes you savor it as it goes down. It’s versatile–a beer like this will appease many palates in many seasons for any occasion. It reminded me of Rahr because they are executing exceptional lagers at their facility in DFW, and Round Town Lager ranks right up there with those first class brewers in the Lone Star State.

Best Beer of the Day: Round Town Lager

If you haven’t made it down to Round Town yet, or picked up KISS or the Lager, make it your next trip. They are setting a new bar for exceptionally-styled beer in Indianapolis. And did I mention they are dog friendly? Bring in your pooch, or just say hello to the adorable bullies behind the bar!

Round Town Brewery
950 S White River Pky West Dr, Ste 100
Indianapolis, Indiana
(317) 493-1375

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