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Sampling at Sample Indiana

In sports terms, an all-star game is an event where the best of the best in their respective field gather to show off what makes them great to their fans.

With that in mind, consider last Saturday’s Sample Indiana event the all-star game of the Indiana craft beer scene.

The event, held Saturday at Scarlet Lane Brewery in McCordsville, showcased 12 of the best and most unique breweries in the state. As far as beers go, there was literally someone for everyone. A fan of IPAs? Black Acre (Irvington) came with “Brainsplosion”, a watermelon double IPA. For the stout drinkers in attendance (of which there were many) Hoplore (Leesburg) offered up several variations. (My personal favorite was “Stalingrad”, a Russian Imperial Stout that blended coffee, vanilla and coconut together.) Looking for something sweeter? 450 North (Columbus) provided their Raspberry Plum Slushy. How about a palate cleanser? New Day Craft (Indianapolis) had sweet, sweet ciders and meads.

The lavender lemon mead is my new summer drink of choice. Sorry Summer Shandy, you’ve been replaced.

There were many others delicious beers, but you get the idea. Plus some of the finer details of the event get a little fuzzy if you catch my drift.

That rare moment where my cup was empty…

As if the beer wasn’t enough, coffee was provided by Promise Coffee Roasters and donuts by Quack Daddy Donuts.

Maple bacon donuts. A picture is worth a thousand words.

One of the best things about the event (besides the obvious) was learning about breweries I was unfamiliar with. For example, Ortho City Brewery and Steakhouse opened up in Warsaw about 9 months ago (and has a phenomenal Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout called “Warning Letter” if that is your cup of tea). Warsaw is one county south of my residence, so any new breweries opening up in my neck of the woods is always welcome news. Also, a brand new brewery is expected to open up in Logansport in Spring of 2019 (Logansport Brewing Co.). This was great to learn, as half of my family lives in Logansport and I get there several times a year.

The event is the first under the Sample Indiana banner, designed to get beer lovers from all over the state to try some delicious brews that they may not otherwise get access to. And rest assured, the bar has been set quite high for future events.

Born and raised Hoosier who enjoys beer, minor league baseball, beer, the Green Bay Packers, beer, the Indiana Hoosiers, and beer.

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