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Indy Craft Brew

1 day 27 minutes ago

Favorite beer you’ve drank in 2019 so far?


Indy Craft Brew

1 day 5 hours ago

Fast Stop 🏎🏎 Into Flat12 Bierwerks Indianapolis Grabbing the Jarret Andretti Limited Edition Cans before they are gone 🏁🏁 That board is loaded with good beers 🍻

Indy Craft Brew

1 day 10 hours ago

We could really use some help/support πŸ™

All the Print material for Sample Indiana Beer Fest has to be finalized by Wednesday this week! Distribution of the material will be going out at the end of the month or 1st of September.

We’d love to add your business to the printed materiel, add to the social channels, ticket link and brand recognition at the event.

Please Email

Or send a message. Cheers!

Flat12 Bierwerks Indianapolis

Indy Craft Brew

1 day 10 hours ago

Highly Recommend picking this one up!

Jarett Andretti 18 (Orange Wheat) is crisp and refreshing all year round. It’s brewed with sweet orange peel to give you that extra hint of citrus without dunking an (often unsanitary) orange rind in your beer. The Easter egg on the can: 19 IBU and 5.5% ABV is an homage to the Andretti family, who emigrated to the US in 1955. It’s currently available at the brewery and very few select accounts in Indiana, but we’ll soon be launching in @krogerco stores in Indiana with a bunch of contests and prizes available to those that help us promote and grow the brand! Keep following our social media for updates in the near future! Cheers! 🏎 πŸ”₯

Indy Craft Brew

1 day 22 hours ago

Alright, let’s bring it, what are we drinking tonight⁉️⁉️We are drinking a growler of blood orange blonde from Four Day Ray Brewing and it’s delish.




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Indy Craft Brew

2 days 10 hours ago

3 Featured Upcoming Beer Fest‼️

Bare Hands Brew Granger Double Thai Day Saturday August 24th

450 North Brewing Company Corn Maze Beer Fest Saturday October 5th

Indy Craft Brew 2nd Annual Sample Indiana Beer Fest Saturday November 16th

Indy Craft Brew

2 days 12 hours ago

Ain’t No Party Like A Pizza Party @ The Seymour Brewing Company and The Brooklyn Pizza Company πŸ•πŸΊπŸ•πŸΊπŸ•

If you like the β€œyou are family here” atmosphere this is your next destination spot. The ownership and staff have done a tremendous job of keeping their patrons happy and returning. Consistently getting great reviews. Love the beer, love the pizza but more important the people.

Highly recommended Indiana Spot for beer and a pizza.

PS.... This boards fun quotes is always changing. The board could have its own Twitter channel πŸ˜‚

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Indy Craft Brew

2 days 20 hours ago

Stopped by People's Brewing Company tonight and enjoyed a Hop Killa IPA an Imperial IPA Brewed with Cascade, Columbus, 7C's Hops. This beer is a Hop Monster but if that's not your thing don't worry People's has a board full of beers on tap and an extensive list of beers for take out!

Indy Craft Brew

2 days 23 hours ago

What’s everyone drinking tonight⁉️⁉️