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Indy Craft Brew

43 minutes 25 seconds ago

We out here!!! 2Toms Brewing Company today with Out Here Having a Pint on podcast day!!

Getting the whole story on the name, Tom's brewing process, and talking these tasting beers.

Indy Craft Brew

16 hours 10 minutes ago

Gotta grab some grub in between all that great beer! What better than anything from Kuma's Corner Indianapolis One of our favorite spots for Great #CraftBeer and food. What an amazing day and event put on by Upland Brewing Company A big Cheers from the Indy Craft Brew Team 🍻 #SWFF19

Indy Craft Brew

18 hours 34 minutes ago

Taxman Brewing Company always brings the goods 🍻

Thanks Upland Brewing Company for putting on such an amazing event!


Indy Craft Brew

20 hours 2 minutes ago

2nd Shift Brewing in the House!

So many great breweries attending🍻

Upland Brewing Company Sour Wild Funk Fest #SWFF19

Indy Craft Brew

21 hours 32 minutes ago


Indy Craft Brew

22 hours 10 minutes ago


Upland Brewing Company #SWFF

Indy Craft Brew

23 hours 40 minutes ago

We like to party 😎

Partner with us on your next event! Or if you need a boost on your current event/s 🎪

Whatever your needs, We got you🍻

Hosting, Promotion, Ticket Sales or Partnering. Let’s go!

Indy Craft Brew

1 day 5 hours ago

We are Excited about the 7 great breweries & distilleries pouring at the Indiana On Tap Tasting Society Event in Indy.

Tickets are only $15 and that includes unlimited samples all evening on Friday March 29th. Starts at 7 PM to 10 PM

🎟 >

Terre Haute Brewing Co.
Oakley Brothers' Distillery
Beech Bank Brewing Company
Cedar Creek Distillery
HopLore Brewing
Three Rivers Distilling Company
Bucket List Distilled Spirits

Music Dj 3pm

Indy Craft Brew

1 day 17 hours ago

Books & Brews, where have you been hiding Augustus' stash at??!! This bad boy is coming in hot at your taste buds!!! This thing shouldn't be a secret. Get it to everyone's hands.👐🔥🍺

Head out to you closest location, and if you stop by the mother ship, you may just run into Out Here Having a Pint having a pint, or 2...or 3.